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Organic Spas and Resorts

Whether you are looking for a well deserved day of pampering, or a full fledged resort style indulgence, a trip to the spa should not bring the added stress to your mind or body of toxic and harmful ingredients. Traditional spas and restorts use products that contain lethal chemicals which defeat the purpose of rest and relaxation; rather, they add to the toxic burden you may already be carrying.

More Information On Organic Spas and Resorts

In addition to all natural and organic skincare ingredients, many holistic and organic spas seek to employ eco-friendly practices whenever possible, from using organic linens to chemical free aromatherapy, to eco-conscious lighting and energy choices. If you're looking for the ultimate package in organic indulgence, there are many organic resort spas that offer a full-on vacation dedicated to detoxifying, nourishing, and pampering your mind, body and soul; from healthy organic menu choices, to yoga classes, hiking and biking trails, mineral-rich springs and pools for bathing, and numerous other nature inspired treatment options designed for you in mind.

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