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Organic Hair Salons

A trip to the average hair salon for a simple cut, shampoo, and color may be just a monthly indulgence in your beauty routine, but what you may not know is exactly how much harm stepping into that salon may be to your health. Mainstream Hair salons are rampant with toxic chemicals linked to numerous cancers, severe hormone disruptions and immune disfunction, and damage to neurological and respiratory systems.

More Information On Organic Hair Salons

The shocking reality of a toxic beauty industry has spurred the development of its antithesis: a market for chemical free, non toxic hair and beauty salons that offer clients a safe haven from detrimental exposures. These "green" hair salons do not pose a threat to your health as they are committed to offering quality beauty services, hair and skincare products that serve their designated purpose: to beautify you and nourish your hair and skin, not pump you with toxic chemicals! You can be sure that Hair and Beauty Salons listed on Gut and Brain Connection are chemical free salons that use either all natural or certified organic ingredients and products that will not be harmful to your health. Stylists and professionals who work at these organic, chemical free salons are caring and compassionate people who want you to look and feel your best, from the outside as well as the inside! So make the best decision for your health, and choose from our selection of green hair and beauty salons that will provide you great service without compromise.

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