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Naturopathy is a term that refers to a holistic approach to healthcare that encourages the body's intrinsic ability to heal itself through a variety of combined measures. Naturopathy can encompass acupuncture, nutritional therapy, massage therapy, homeopathy, and much more. While naturopathy uses different modalities of healing, homeopathy focuses on homeopathic medicine alone.

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Unlike traditional pharmaceutical drugs, homeopathic medicine is incredibly safe, suitable for babies and even during pregnancy. The reason for this is that homeopathic medicine is a highly diluted extraction of the "energy" of the natural source the remedy is using, such as marshmallow root or slippery elm for example. This is achieved by a careful process of dilution and vigorous shaking called potentization. Homeopathic medicine has been practiced for over 200 years, and was discovered by a German doctor who found that a medicine was deemed less toxic and more highly effective when administered in a concentrated, diluted form. The Homeopathic philosophy is based off the theory that a substance which in high amounts causes reactions, can in very minute amounts actually treat and heal the same set of symptoms.

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