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Natural Dry Cleaners

When investing in a wardrobe, especially quality items such as for work, it makes sense that one would want the clothes to last and remain in good condition. Many items require special care, such as dry cleaning. Unfortunately, conventional dry cleaning poses detrimental consequences to our bodies and the environment. Fortunately, there are newer eco-friendly alternatives available to safely clean your clothes.

More Information On Natural Dry Cleaners

Knowing the hazards of conventional dry cleaning can lead you to seek alternatives that won't leave you or the environment in a compromised position. There is currently a growing movement of progressive cleaners who can offer the same, if not even better, results to traditional dry cleaning, without the added worry of harmful exposures. Although the term "wet cleaning" sounds counterintuitive to the idea of dry cleaning, just about every item deemed 'dry clean only' is also suitable for "wet cleaning." Wet cleaning is a chemical free process whereby clothes are laundered in a computer controlled washer and dryer that very gently and slowly cleans clothes using water as a solvent instead of chemicals. These special washers and dryers can tailor its cleaning process according to the garments being washed, with appropriate adjustments for temperature, time, and even the rate at which the clothes are turned, which allows for them to even be turned at a rate more than half as slow as traditional washers and dryers. Wet cleaning safely and effectively cleans "dry clean only" garments in a manner that poses no risk to people or to the environment, as no dangerous petrochemicals are used in the process. Liquid Carbon Dioxide cleaning is another alternative method to traditional dry cleaning that is equally as effective and eco-friendly. Carbon dioxide is a non-toxic and naturally occurring chemical that becomes a liquid solvent that can be utilized for cleaning when it is under high pressures. When clothes are rotated in a special, pressurized machine with liquid CO2, grease and stains are dissolved. CO2 cleaning also isn't a contributor to global warming because it can be recycled for subsequent cleaning processes and it does not release additional carbon dioxide into the air.

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