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Massage Therapists

Holistic massage therapy differs from traditional massage therapy in that its aim is to identify the source of toxicity and imbalance in an individual that is causing a person's unique symptoms. Massage is a modality of healing stemming from thousands of years ago. Holistic massage addresses the person as a whole, and allows for deeper healing that restores balance and harmony to the body.

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Holistic massage therapy has been known to aid in the relief of numerous physical and emotional ailments, as well as relieve stress and bring a sense of calm and clarity. Holistic massage drains toxins from the body, stimulates oxygen flow through increased circulation, can promote better breathing practices, relieves tension, muscle and joint pain, and can even improve digestion. When employed correctly by a trained professional, holistic massage therapy can be an integral part of the healing process when attempting to treat a myriad of symptoms and restoring the body to its proper homeostasis.

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