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Holistic Dentists

Holistic dentists are dentists that are prominent members of the alternative health field. Alternative dentists, or holistic dentists, can also be referred to as biological dentists. Holistic dentists emphasize the total body, recognize that teeth are only one part of the body, and aim to treat a person with the big picture: that dental health and hygiene should not be at the expense of your body's overall health.

More Information On Holistic Dentists

There are many associations of holistic or biological dentists that provide information, support, guidance, and educational training to members of the holistic dental community. The Holistic Dental Association is a membership association of biological dentists who have completed traditional dental training and apply for membership to the HDA in effort to promote the education of holistic dentistry to their patients and fellow practitioners. The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Technology (IAOMT) is an organization that provides continuing educational credit for both dentists and physicians. Their goal is to provide ongoing scientific research relating to the public education of biomedical dentistry and its relation to overall health. Seeking a holistic dentist that belongs to another or either one of these organizations is a good way to ensure that you are choosing a dentist knowledgeable in the principles of biological dentistry.

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