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Allergies Overview

Allergies are a hypersensitivity disorder where the immune system reacts to normally harmless substances in the environment and causes an immediate response that can be harmful and potentially fatal. Reactions can be to anything, including environmental substances, animals, insects, latex, drugs, foods, or chemicals. Symptoms can range from hives, skin swelling, vision problems, asthma attacks, to even anaphylaxis.

Causes of Allergies

The exact cause of allergic reactions is unclear at best. What science does know is that it is the person's immune system that is causing the allergic response, not the substance itself. For whatever the reason, the immune system develops antibodies in response to a specific substance. When the body comes in contact with the allergen, this triggers the release of mast cells, which flood the body with histamine, which is what causes the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Although the root cause of allergies is unknown, scientists do know that the state of one's immune system and health plays a large role in the development of allergies, and having a genetic predisposition to allergies is also a factor.

Good Diets For Those Diagnosed With Allergies

The best methods for controlling allergy symptoms is to avoid known allergens and keep the immune system functioning at its optimal level. This means ensuring that one's gut is in its healthiest state, and some health professionals advocate that this includes making dietary changes like eliminating processed foods, GMOs, sugar, and gluten. It is also important to focus on strengthening the gut and maintaining proper bacterial balance through the regular consumption of foods that will nourish the gut. These healing foods include meat stocks and bone broths, fermented foods and probiotics, as well as foods that are organic and free of chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics. Supplementing probiotics and addressing nutritional deficiencies, in addition to proper detoxification and minimized exposure to environmental chemicals and toxins is an integral part of strengthening one's immune system, making them less resistant to allergies. There are also natural forms of treatment for allergies, such as NAET (muscle testing and kinesiology desensitizing treatment,) Traditional Chinese Medicine methods like Acupuncture, seeing other natural allergy specialists, taking holistic and homeopathic supplements, as well as supplementing with immune boosting compounds such as Omega 3's and Vitamin D.

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