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DAN Doctors

DAN stands for Defeat Autism Now, an autism treatment protocol that was created by Dr. Bernard Rimland in the 1960's. The basis of this protocol is the theory that autism is the result of multiple underlying factors that compounds within the body and ultimately conveys itself as autism. These elements are a combination both genetic and environmental influences.

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The DAN approach uses the intervention of nutritional therapy by eliminating gluten and dairy (GFCF), allergy and food sensitivity testing to identify other immune responses, heavy metal testing, genetic and metabolic laboratory testing, vitamin and mineral supplementation, treatment of yeast, pathogenic bacterial overgrowth through probiotics and other gut healing protocols, as well other methods of detoxification that will contribute to the degeneration of many symptoms and ultimately the disorder. DAN doctors are all credentialed medical doctors who have chosen to partake in the DAN protocol seminar. DAN doctors also are great at working with other alternative health care practitioners, such as GAPS practitioners, who can collaborate on the best possible healing path for the treatment of autism.

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