Find CSA's and Local Farms In Your Area

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CSA's and Local Farms

If you live in an area where your local grocery store has limited selection of organic, whole foods, it might interest you that there are various options available for sourcing sustainable, organic produce, dairy and meats. These means may be in the form of joining a CSA (community supported agriculture,) a local buying club, attending farmer's markets, or by visiting a farm and purchasing on an as-needed basis.

More Information On CSA's and Local Farms

Regardless of whether you choose to pay routine subscriptions to a CSA, buying club, or food co-op, or choose to attend farmers markets or purchase directly from a farm, it is important to know that all of these means in some form or another help support your local, sustainable agriculture. Even by occasionally supplementing your groceries by one or more of these means is joining together with your community to encourage a more sustainable and healthy way of life. Part of the beauty of sourcing locally is the exposure it provides yourself and your family to a wider variety of exciting new foods and goods, as they can offer anything from meats, cheeses, milk, and eggs, vegetables and fruits, to whole grains and artisans breads, baked goods, and even personal care products. Living organically is possible, and Gut and Brain Connection's comprehensive directory of local, organic food resources makes finding these sources easier and more convenient.

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